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 The doomsday After the metropolis-Aftermath world illustrator wallpaper
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"I Am Legend" and "Future Water World" and "The Day After Tomorrow", "ultimate Postman", "2012", "Metro 2033", "radiation" and a bunch of video game works long detailed descriptions of the world after the doomsdaythe scene: the ruins of familiar buildings, waste transport, overgrown plants without exception in people's fantasies to build an unmanned survival world. Similarly, the pen illustrator who has many scenes of Doom, to see if your fantasy world. Science writer Alan - Wiseman (Alan Welsman) in the "no man's world" (The World Without Us) book assumes that humans suddenly disappeared this premise, then depicts the evolution over time, in a few years, for decades, even centuries, the planet's most likely what happened. Day electricity supply is stopped, most of the world was plunged into darkness, 36 hours after the New York subway all flooded, see the fall of the Eiffel Tower symbol of industrial civilization totem, the collapse of the Brooklyn Bridge, until you see a symbol of human civilization, the last the trace of the legacy of the Great Wall and the pyramid of Khufu slowly fade away ...... With the annihilation of civilization remains relatively booming natural biological lush - the plants will quickly spread to every corner of the land, the animals will thrive beyond the present number of 10 times the speed of growth and reproduction. The human Earth is a true blue and green planet intertwined.
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The doomsday After the metropolis-Aftermath world ..
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