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Title:Dog Scarf Snow-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:8789
 Dog Scarf Snow-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  8789
Album Description
Identified the world's oldest dog by the Guinness Book of Records: SAKURA City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan the hybrid male dog "Pusuke" death took place on December 5, 2010, live 26 years and 9 months. The world's oldest dog "Pusuke" According master of Pusuke, housewife Shinohara Yumiko (42 years old), translation of adult age it has more than 125 years old. Pusuke until recently still adhere to the morning and evening walks, good appetite. But the morning of the 5th health condition suddenly deteriorated, no longer eating and appeared tired and breathing difficulties. Shinohara in the shopping home around 13:30 the same day, about 5 minutes after Pusuke quietly stopped breathing. Shinohara said, "I think that it is waiting for me to go home and hope it says, thanks to the fond memories it brought so far." About some of the basic living habits of the dog, I believe a lot of friends there will be interest. , because raising the dog has become an act of the most fashionable of today's society. Whether single friends, or the formation of a friend of the family, the dog will be a part of their life, or even a family. In fact, a lot of friends, especially old people, children are not around they will dog as their own children to take care of it. Raising dogs has become a trend. Is a friends be able to better understand and open it, so I hope you will make good use of Oh.
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Title:Dog Scarf Snow-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:8789
Dog Scarf Snow-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  8789
Title:black wolf-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:30838
black wolf-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 1920x1200 |  30838
Title:blue dragonfly-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:2685
blue dragonfly-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 1920x1080 |  2685
Title:blue frog-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:12368
blue frog-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 1920x1080 |  12368
Title:blue tailed reptile-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:2981
blue tailed reptile-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 1920x1080 |  2981
Title:close up cat in the grass-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:3367
close up cat in the grass-2012 animal Featured Wallp..
 1920x1440 |  3367
Title:Dog Game-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:4588
Dog Game-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  4588
Title:facepalm bear-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:11374
facepalm bear-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 1920x1200 |  11374
Title:Funny dog-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:6999
Funny dog-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  6999
Title:green butterfly-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:2387
green butterfly-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 1920x1080 |  2387
Title:hedgehog in the wood-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:3172
hedgehog in the wood-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 1920x1080 |  3172
Title:little puppy on the street-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:3415
little puppy on the street-2012 animal Featured Wall..
 1920x1080 |  3415
Title:rainbow fish-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:2881
rainbow fish-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 1920x1080 |  2881
Title:red haired girl with her siberian husky-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:5567
red haired girl with her siberian husky-2012 animal ..
 1920x1200 |  5567
Title:snowy owl-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:7765
snowy owl-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 1920x1080 |  7765
Title:steampunk bird-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper Views:15220
steampunk bird-2012 animal Featured Wallpaper
 1600x1200 |  15220
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