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 Seductress-3D Creative Design Desktop Wallpaper
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Creativity is mysterious. Throughout the ages, scholars have a different understanding of creativity, the definition varies, RobertJ.Sternberg that creativity is the ability to produce works of these works is both novel (ie, an original, is not expected), but also appropriate (is consistent with purpose, given the restrictions for the target) ①. Architect library Medici (JohnKurdich) that: creativity is a struggle, to seek and to liberate our inner ②. Mr. Lai said: "The idea is to see new possibilities, then a combination of these possibilities into the process works." ③ These definitions are illustrated for the two main ideas include: "the concept of" face and "operational" side to "find" and "liberation" at a deeper level description of the creative work for the above two. Mr. Lai to two parts called creative "two mysterious song," both independent and interrelated, it is two steps - the desire to emerge, as well as a way to express this desire.
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Seductress-3D Creative Design Desktop Wallpaper
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