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 digital layers-Creative design wallpaper
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3D is the abbreviation of three-dimensional, that is, three-dimensional graphics. 3d graphics displayed on the computer, that is displayed in the plane three-dimensional graphics. Unlike the real world, the real three-dimensional space, there is a real distance space. The computer just looks like the real world, 3d graphics displayed on the computer, that is, people watched as the real thing. The human eye has a feature that is near the far smaller, it will form a three-dimensional sense. The computer screen is two-dimensional, we have been able to appreciate, as the kind of three-dimensional image, as displayed in the color gray on the computer screen, different human eye to produce the visual illusion, the two-dimensional computer The screen is perceived as three-dimensional images. Based on the color of the relevant knowledge of the 3D objects in the edge of the protruding part of the general, high-brightness color, concave due in part to block the light and visible dark. This understanding is widely used in web pages or other applications on the button, 3d lines drawn. To draw 3d text that is displayed in the original location of high-brightness color, while low brightness color outline its contours in the lower left or upper right positions, so that visually it will generate 3d text effect. Concrete realization can be used exactly the same font in different locations to draw two different colors of 2d text, as long as the two coordinates of the text is appropriate, can produce different effects 3d text visually.
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digital layers-Creative design wallpaper
abstract tunnel-Creative design wallpaper
bokya circles-Creative design wallpaper
colorful ribbons-Creative design wallpaper
cool blue-Creative design wallpaper
cubes abstract-Creative design wallpaper
dark aurora-Creative design wallpaper
green bubbles-Creative design wallpaper
green consciousness-Creative design wallpaper
lava-Creative design wallpaper
matrix binary-Creative design wallpaper
mystic eye-Creative design wallpaper
orange stripes-Creative design wallpaper
pink shades-Creative design wallpaper
simple green-Creative design wallpaper
smiley faces-Creative design wallpaper
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