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 Grass-Alternative Landscape Photography
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Outdoors at dusk, sunrise, more light or weak light environments, must fill light the way to shoot the perfect portrait photos. If you use flash as fill light is generally light, scattered light due to its large size, the picture will be less sense of atmosphere. Professional photographers generally use 3200K light as a constant fill of concentrating the light source, the color temperature constant light concentrating yellowish cast out, it will form a theme more bright yellow face, while the background darker side natural color special sense. Because of their color temperature and light than the performance difference, it is often used in outdoor lighting and photography techniques, photo taken in this way is generally referred to as the type of constant light fill light photos.

Because this type of photo color temperature and light feeling are very prominent, so the professional photography market in recent years on the use of very wide range, but also by the customer favorite. Concentrating only constant light fill light areas which need attention, if you make too bare value, then make the background color and luminosity of the relative weakening, photos, background contrast is too dark, wedding photography, the customer is not able to accept, but the art of care response is better off, because according to the creative artistic style can pursue a special expression.
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Grass-Alternative Landscape Photography
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Trees-Alternative Landscape Photography
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Small bushes-Alternative Landscape Photography
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Night in the city-Alternative Landscape Photograph..
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Subtilis-Alternative Landscape Photography
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