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 Galaxy-Space Universe Photography Wallpaper
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Universe (Universe) is determined by space, time, matter and energy, composed of unity. Space and time are all integrated. General understanding of the universe that we have the presence of a space-time continuum system, including all intervening material, energy and events. Universe According to the Big Bang model of the universe projected age of the universe about 13.82 billion years. The shape of the universe is unknown, the human imagination in bold. Some people say that the universe is actually a man such a creature similar to a small cell, while others say the universe is a higher than human wisdom has biological computers manufactured out of a program, or a little original . Some people suspect that the universe is actually an electronic universe is a much smaller than electronic stuff, the universe does not exist, or if the universe is invisible. Some people suspect that our universe lives in a large space, called "hyperspace." In hyperspace, there are many cosmos, hyperspace energy is conserved, and very great. Whenever an increase in the energy of the universe, his cosmic energy will be near fall. Each universe each place, the energy is different, there is positive energy, there are also dark energy, there is no place of energy.
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Galaxy-Space Universe Photography Wallpaper
alone in the universe-Space Universe Photography W..
andromeda-Space Universe Photography Wallpaper
beautiful-Space Universe Photography Wallpaper
blue hole nebula-Space Universe Photography Wallpa..
blue space-Space Universe Photography Wallpaper
earth and moon-Space Universe Photography Wallpape..
explosion in space-Space Universe Photography Wall..
galaxies-Space Universe Photography Wallpaper
marvelous-Space Universe Photography Wallpaper
milky way galaxy-Space Universe Photography Wallpa..
milky way night-Space Universe Photography Wallpap..
millions of stars-Space Universe Photography Wallp..
outer space asteroid-Space Universe Photography Wa..
pink stars cluster-Space Universe Photography Wall..
shinning stars-Space Universe Photography Wallpape..
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