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Title:bottles of blue and white cloud ear Chi dragon wallpaper Views:7334
 bottles of blue and white cloud ear Chi dragon wallpaper
 1680x1050 |  7334
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Beijing Palace Museum, the Palace Museum Description:

Forbidden City in central Beijing, also known as the "Forbidden City." Have lived here for 24 emperors, the Ming and Qing dynasties (AD 1368 ~ 1911) of the palace, now turned into "National Palace Museum." Palace of the entire building magnificent and solemn splendor, known as one of the world's five major Palace (Forbidden City in Beijing, Versailles, Buckingham Palace, the White House, Russia, Kremlin), and UNESCO as "World Cultural Heritage."

The Forbidden City is China's largest existing palace building, the most complete ancient building complex with a total area of ??72 thousand square meters, the palace has 9,999 rooms temples, known as the "temple of the sea", daring, magnificent, spectacular. Whether layout, three-dimensional effect, or the stately and majestic form, are the unparalleled masterpiece.

An axis through the entire Forbidden City, this axis also in Beijing's central axis. Three hall, after three Palace, Imperial Garden is located in this central axis. Palaces on both sides of the axis, also symmetrical distribution of many temples are also magnificent. The palace can be divided into two parts, the Outer Court and Inner Court. Ethernet and outside North Korea, and in Bulgaria and the three main hall as the center, Mandarin, Wu Yingdian for the wings. Netting the Palace of Heavenly Purity, Hall AC Thai, Kunning as the center, something Palaces for the wings, precise and orderly layout. Palace of the four cities have elaborate turrets exquisite, delicate and beautiful construction. Miyagi is surrounded by 10 meters, 3400 meters long wall, the wall 52 meters wide moat.

Now, a number of palaces in the Forbidden City set up a comprehensive history of Museum of Art, Painting Gallery, classification of the Ceramic Museum, Museum Bronze, Ming Arts and Crafts, engraved Museum, Toy Museum, four treasures of the museum, toy museum, museum treasures, watch museum and the Qing court judgments and other cultural relics exhibition, a large collection of ancient art treasures, a total of 1,052,653, according to statistics, China accounted for one-sixth of the total number of artifacts, cultural relics of China's most abundant collection of museums, the world famous museum of ancient culture and art , many of which are unique priceless heritage treasures.
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Title:bottles of blue and white cloud ear Chi dragon wallpaper Views:7334
bottles of blue and white cloud ear Chi dragon wallp..
 1680x1050 |  7334
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Title:green jade double as wallpaper child wash Views:4200
green jade double as wallpaper child wash
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Title:hundred children play spring chart page wallpaper Views:4304
hundred children play spring chart page wallpaper
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Title:ice play tu wallpaper Views:4240
ice play tu wallpaper
 1680x1050 |  4240
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