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 autumn season-Nature rivers Landscape Wallpaper
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Rivers, the land surface into linear automatic flow of water. Many of the world's famous rivers like the Yangtze River, Amazon River flow. For the source of the river is generally in the alpine areas, and then flows down along the terrain, has been inflow of the end of the lake or ocean.Each river has Heyuan and estuaries. Heyuan is the birthplace of a river, some spring, some lakes, swamps, or glaciers, the river Heyuan situation is different. Estuary is the end of the river, the river Import oceans, rivers (for example, of Tributary River), a place of lakes, marshes or other water bodies. The river is an important part of life on Earth, the basis for human survival and development. The river is one of the most basic form of existence in the diverse ecosystems on Earth. The occurrence and development, and rivers of the history of humanity and its social-ecological systems are interdependent and inseparable. Such as the ancient Chinese people originated in the Yellow River basin, the ancient Egyptians originated in the Nile basin, ancient Indians originated in the Ganges River, the ancient Babylonians originated in Mesopotamia. To half of the 20th century, almost worldwide within the river ecosystem are presented single or multiple complications: the collapse of the river, the Tail Consumers must. In addition to the Colorado River, USA, Asia, several large rivers - Ganges, Indus, Yellow River, Amu Darya, Syr Darya, most of the time of the year are not into the sea.
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autumn season-Nature rivers Landscape Wallpaper
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