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 Spring Leaves-natural plant wallpaper
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Plants (Plants) is a large class of the biosphere.Generally there chlorophyll, no nerves, no feeling. Sub-algae, fungi, ferns, bryophytes and seed plants, seed plants are divided into gymnosperms and angiosperms. There are more than 30 million. Thousands of plant species be planted to beautify the environment, provide shade, adjust the temperature, reducing the wind speed, reduce noise, provide privacy and prevent soil erosion. People will be placed in the indoor cut flowers, dried flowers and indoor potted plants, outdoor will be set up lawn, shade trees, viewing the tree, shrub, vine, perennial herb and flower plants and flowers imagery is often used in art, architecture, nature, language, photography, textiles, coins, stamps, flags and armbands on top. The type of art of living plants, including green carving, bonsai, flower arranging and tree wall. Ornamental plants can sometimes affect the history of the tulip mania. The plants are billions of dollars a year tourism industry, including travel to the botanical gardens, historic gardens, National Park, tulip flower fields, rain forests and colorful autumn leaves of the forest and other land. The plants also provide a basis for the spiritual life of mankind needs. Daily use of paper is produced in plants. Some fragrant substances plants are human made ​​into perfume, fragrances and other cosmetics. Many musical instruments is also made ​​from plants. Flowers and other plants, ornamental plants to decorate the human living space.
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Spring Leaves-natural plant wallpaper
Autumn Leaf-natural plant wallpaper
colorful leaves-natural plant wallpaper
Droplets Leaves-natural plant wallpaper
Droplets Green Leaves-natural plant wallpaper
Green Leaves-natural plant wallpaper
green plant-natural plant wallpaper
Leaves Dew-natural plant wallpaper
heaven-natural plant wallpaper
green grass-natural plant wallpaper
Red leaf Dew-natural plant wallpaper
rice paddy water-natural plant wallpaper
rye-natural plant wallpaper
splash of leaves-natural plant wallpaper
Spring-natural plant wallpaper
Spring Green Leaf-natural plant wallpaper
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