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 Aurora Borealis-Landscape Wallpaper
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Northern Lights is the planet Arctic high magnetic latitudes over a colorful light phenomenon. And the Earth auroral upper atmosphere molecules or atomic excitation (or ionization) arising from the high-energy stream of charged particles (solar wind) from the Earth's magnetosphere, or the sun. Near the North Pole, Alaska, Northern Canada is the best place to watch the Northern Lights.Aurora (aurora) from the word Latin Yiou Si. Legend Yiou Si is the incarnation of "dawn" in Greek mythology, is the daughter of the Greek God Titan, is the sister of Helios and the goddess of the moon.When the moment mankind the first time turn to the sky Alarmed by the Northern Lights, Northern Lights has been a "mystery". A long time, each developed their own Aurora legend, such as Finnish, the northern lights are known as "revontulet translation from the fire of the fox. The ancient Finns believe that, because a fox running in the snow-covered slopes, tail sweep from the shimmering snow stretching all the way to the sky to form the Northern Lights. In addition, people believe that Siberia, part of the Sami and Northern Lights from the wounds of the dead, but this colorful sky is not the painful signs of the opposite, but the ghost in the later play ball games or riding by injury left traces of blood. Eskimos believe that the aurora, the spirits guide the souls of the dead to heaven's torch. Indigenous people depends on Aurora for the gods appeared convinced that the fast-moving auroras issued the voice of the gods in the air still, and will take away a person's soul leaving doom. Aurora appears in the upper atmosphere of the Arctic.
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Aurora Borealis-Landscape Wallpaper
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