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Title:Purple Lotus-September flowers wallpaper Views:19202
 Purple Lotus-September flowers wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  19202
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Like love and life is an important literary theme of the eternal as the eternal theme of flowers is also a photographer, as this beautiful flower is an important part of the world. Photography loving friends will have different degrees of floral interest. Especially with digital cameras of friends, should seriously look into flower photography, because the digital camera imaging principle is different from the film camera, only in the medium shot and close-up shot, in order to achieve better results. Therefore, the flowers should be the main theme of the digital camera. So, a good flower pictures, which must have the conditions and factors? In my opinion at least: attractive theme perfect composition of light and harmonious colors simple. These four elements of both exist independently, but also an integral fusion, supporting a common work. When shooting flowers, can grasp and handle these four elements is the key to success.

We shot in front of flowers, some are natural born to made, while others are much longer in the artificial greenhouse greenhouses care. Therefore, these flowers of different growth conditions, also allows us to face different shooting conditions. Then on the one hand, different varieties of flowers are so bright they Jiong different, each the length of a win by the bright colors, but also by the graceful beauty of the scene in the form of display, more stems of right and wrong by the introduction of the line stop the. Performance when individuals feel in peach along its growth profile should be expressed, not only to respect the performance of its original form, to better reflect its unique charm ... the saying goes, flower shapes and sizes are not the same. This requires the photographer to be adapted to local conditions, ground observation, to think, to discover the charm of the different flowers, so as to really take a good foundation. Unless you are shooting for a certain flower varieties and familiar environment, otherwise, try to avoid the scene to shoot, move machine to shoot, or lightly pressing the shutter frequently, as this will only create more waste film. Without careful observation, it is difficult to create a floral masterpiece photography, in general, "a look at the second and third shot" is the theme of flowers taken the necessary procedures.

We all know that photography is, in essence, light art, therefore, perfect tone is one of the most beautiful language of photography. Specific to the flowers as the main body of photography, light should be guided by diffuse light source to light source and a combination of lighting methods, but should try to avoid direct light source higher than the degree. In Flowers of the light, the shadow faithful often "smooth light level, against time, metering run, the top light hard," said. The implication is this: under the flowers along the rays of light cloth uniform, but the texture of the plain; backlit environments although the clean-cut flowers, but the main dark chaos; metering of vivid flowers, rich texture; and near vertical angle of the light illuminate the flowers when the subject is a strong contrast, visual experience is more pale. Therefore, we should try to avoid midday sun incidence angle in the vertical, and the light intensity is large shooting flowers. Light, soft, diffuse light source rich, the show is the most beautiful plants and flowers are delicate texture when the shadow reconcile.

1. Blur the background. The actual background is blurred due to the formation of a framework for composition, so that people's attention focused on the main subject. 2 good at that. Flowers arranged in a pattern found in the United States itself, formal beauty. Serious thought from what angle. 3. Details. Have a pair to identify the details of the eye. Often form local flowers beautiful patterns, may wish to try the local shooting flowers, may have unexpected results. 4. The use of technology to the performance of artistic beauty. 5 good use of flowers surrounding environment to create atmosphere. To express their mood, extended its screen contents. 6 to details reflect the beauty of floral life to Seeing.
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Title:Purple Lotus-September flowers wallpaper Views:19202
Purple Lotus-September flowers wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  19202
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Title:Yellow wildflowers-September flowers wallpaper Views:5235
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Title:Pink roses-September flowers wallpaper Views:12110
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Title:Purple Orchid-September flowers wallpaper Views:12418
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