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 toucan-Birds animal wallpaper
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Tuokong (scientific name: Toucans) also known as the toucan is a toucan bird suborder bird species, 6 genera and 34 kinds. 67 cm in length, the mouth large, 17 to 24 cm long, 9 cm wide, the shape of the mouth and the knife. Very pretty mouth, the upper half yellow, slightly greenish, the bottom half was blue, dotted with a little bright red beak tip. Around the eyes inlaid with sky-blue feathers, eye socket, breast orange yellow, the spine of the black paint. Colorful and amazing big beak to watch high value. Fruit, seeds, insects, bird eggs and chicks for food. Nest to tree holes. Mainly distributed in the tropical forests of South America, especially along the mouth of the Amazon for more than. Toucans the Branch and intended 䴕 of subjects have a close genetic relationship originated in a common American original species. Some taxonomists believe that the toucan birds and the Americas intended 䴕 of species when the formation of a Branch, independent other proposed 䴕 species. Other scholars tend to a variety of the intended 䴕 and toucans are classified into two subfamilies of the same family. Toucan birds, however, the physical structure of genes and harmonization, as well as showing many unique features that are different from those of other birds, so that this unique group is more suitable to its own subjects.
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