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Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper Views:12813
 Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper
 1920x1200 |  12813
Album Description
Bethesda's new work is a first-person sneaked into / action adventure game "humiliation (Dishonored), the GI latest August issue of disclosure of this new work exclusively cover Teji. GI magazine has enjoyed over this new masterpiece. Dishonored is a crazy exciting works. This is a book about the assassination of works, you do not need to kill anyone. This is one of the infiltration works, you can set a trap or simply killing aristocratic official home of all guard troops. This is one of the hostility of the work, you can not perceived by the enemy to sneak into the enemy camp. This is a moral work, your actions will lead the development of the world, the system of non-oriented session tree. "Dishonored" GI E3 special issue of the exclusive worldwide disclosed a new series. Will also sum ​​up the show best 50 games, as well as manufacturers press conference with the new hardware. Harvey Smith, the two series before one of the central figure in "Deus Ex", as "Dishonored" executive creative director Raf Colantonio the joint creation of this work. Viktor Antonov designed the iconic city of Half-Life 2 City 17 Similarly, he will also be his to the introduction of the "Dishonored" world. The game industry's elite to create the first-person action game will be a perfect storm.
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Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper Views:12813
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper
 1920x1200 |  12813
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 01 Views:6557
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 01
 1440x900 |  6557
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 02 Views:8242
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 02
 1920x1200 |  8242
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 03 Views:8073
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 03
 1920x1200 |  8073
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 04 Views:8882
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 04
 1920x1200 |  8882
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 05 Views:14733
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 05
 1920x1080 |  14733
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 06 Views:8285
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 06
 1920x1440 |  8285
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 07 Views:8325
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 07
 1920x1200 |  8325
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 08 Views:6411
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 08
 1920x1440 |  6411
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 09 Views:33674
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 09
 2560x1600 |  33674
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 10 Views:21790
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 10
 1920x1080 |  21790
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 11 Views:9283
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 11
 1920x1440 |  9283
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 12 Views:5370
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 12
 1920x1080 |  5370
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 13 Views:12111
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 13
 1920x1080 |  12111
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 14 Views:11248
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 14
 1920x1440 |  11248
Title:Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 15 Views:12040
Dishonored Game HD Wallpaper 15
 1920x1080 |  12040
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