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 science fiction dragon-Dragon theme artistic design wallpaper
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Ancient myths and legends of China, the dragon is a miraculous animal, with nine out of nine animals into one, unlike the image. Specific controversial of which nine kinds of animals. Recognized the origin of the dragon is the synthesis of a wide range of animals is a sign of a totem worship of primitive society. Legend more than its can significantly hidden, can be small or huge, can short to long. The vernal equinox impossible, Autumnal Equinox dives into the abyss, powerful, omnipotent. These are already in advanced development of the image of the dragon.Feudal times the dragon is a symbol of the emperor, and is also used to things: refers to the emperor and the imperial dragon seeds, Longyan, the Dragon Throne, robes, Dragon Palace, etc.. Long ranked fifth in the traditional Chinese zodiac, with the White Tiger, Red Phoenix, basaltic said "animal". Western mythology, Dragon, translated Jackie Chan, but they are not the same.The West a legendary creatures, has a strong strength and magical abilities, many different types of his family's huge compared to the dragon of the East no less. Chinese dragon is' Long nine sons, each child is different ", the Western dragon is a dragon hundred children, each child is different". Dragon, living in the deep sea dragon sleeping volcano, dormant in the swamps of the Duron, and numerous bizarre cloudy, and nine dragons, drakes, Yaron, wyvern, etc..
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science fiction dragon-Dragon theme artistic desig..
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Battle of the Dragon-Dragon theme artistic design ..
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ice dragon vs fire dragon-Dragon theme artistic de..
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