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If the Mir space station as the third generation of human beings, belong to the International Space Station is a fourth-generation space station. International Space Station project will cost over $ 60 billion, the largest ever human manned space project. From the initial idea and it started last year is a product of the US-Soviet competition, the current US-Russian cooperation is the result of reflection from the side of a historical process.

The implementation of the ISS program in three stages. The first stage is from 1994, the preparatory phase has been completed. During this period, mainly for a series of joint US-Russian manned space activities. U.S. Space Shuttle with the Russian "peace" was docked with the orbital station eight common flight training of U.S. astronauts on the space station's ability to live and work; second phase began in November 1998: Russia's use of "Proton-K" rocket the main deck space station - features cargo bay into orbit. It also bears some of the tasks of military experiments, so the tank only allowed U.S. astronauts to use. JEM's launch and docking to complete, will mark the end of the second stage, when the station has taken shape, three astronauts for long-term residents; third stage is to put the U.S. in living spaces, the European Space Agency and Japan's JEM and Canadian mobile service systems into space. When these compartments after docking with the space station, marks the final completion of the International Space Station assembly, when the astronauts on the station may be increased to seven.

United States, Russia and other 15 countries together to build the international space station, signaling a national co-development of space exploration and the era of peace is coming. However, decades of manned space activities, the results are far from meeting their desire for space. "The road is long off Come, happiness and earth", the human heart has always been the desire to conquer space and the determination of peaceful use of space resources. In November 1998, the first human into Earth orbit, American astronaut, 77-year-old Glen with his ambition does not obliterate the space once again embarked on a journey, which seemed to tell humanity: If things go, the conquest of space is not a dream .
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1 Space Art Figure-Planet-Space-Satellite images
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8 Space Art Figure-Planet-Space-Satellite images
9 Space Art Figure-Planet-Space-Satellite images
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