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 Amazing outer space-Explore the secrets of the universe HD allpaper
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According to the Mayan calendar, 2012 will be the end of the world. A year ago a film on this theme, "2012" also describes the various doomsday 2012 explosion on the red world. Blink of an eye, 2012 has come, and from the legendary December 22, only less than 12 months. But regardless of whether the time really is the end of the world, but also without too much panic before, the dry matter is still to do, work to be done, to understand the mysteries of the universe and the origin becomes particularly important. In the vast universe, the objects and the distance between the Earth are very far away, then how we know the distance between them and the earth for? Long ago, astronomers discovered a variable star, they are also waiting light, sometimes dark, unpredictable changes in the law people. In 1784, the British amateur astronomer Patrick Goode, the first to discover the "fairy King 6" star's brightness in the sky is changing, and this variation is very regular, the cycle is 5 days 12 hours 47 minutes 28 seconds. This cycle is called the light change cycle. Later, after another of people and found a lot with the "fairy king 6" similar variable stars, their light becomes long or short periods, put the type of variable star astronomers called "Cepheids." The meaning of the universe - the universe is boundless in space, time without beginning or end, and according to objective laws of the physical world sport.
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Amazing outer space-Explore the secrets of the uni..
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The space shuttle launch-Explore the secrets of th..
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