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F-22 Raptor (F-22 Raptor) by Lockheed Martin, Boeing and General Dynamics jointly design a new generation of heavy stealth fighter. Is currently the experts referred to the "fourth-generation fighter" (This is the Western standard, if the standard was by the Russian fifth generation). It will become the main fighter types of the 21st century. The main task to achieve and maintain a theater air superiority, the F-15 is the successor model.

F-22 is the United States in the early 21st century, the main heavy fighter, it is the most expensive fighter aircraft. It comes with a not emit electromagnetic wave radar to detect enemy aircraft with enemy aircraft passive phased array radar and detection range very far from the active phased array radar, AIM-9X (Sidewinder) short range air to air combat missiles, AIM-120C (AMRAAM) medium range air to air missiles, thrust-weight ratio close to 10 of the turbofan engine, advanced avionics and integrated man-machine interfaces. Designed to have a supersonic cruise (without using afterburners to maintain), BVR combat, high maneuverability, radar and infrared stealth (stealth) features. It is estimated that the combat capability of active-duty F-15 2 to 4 times. Will be a longer period of time to become the world's dominant heavy fighter. F-22's R & D technologies are also applied to the next generation F-35 on.

Are the only two kinds of active-duty fighters can be one of the supersonic cruise.
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F-22 Raptor fighter wallpaper 11
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