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 iPhone 5-Brand advertising wallpaper
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January 20, 2012 news, foreign media exposure iphone5 will be equipped with a new feature, which solve a lot of inconvenience in people's lives. This feature is the waterproof function, this function is not loaded seal, but to operate in circuit boards and in the shell. According to foreign media recently reported, iphone5 will be waterproof design, not only can call in heavy rain, but also to iphone5 soak in the basin, make a call, even during a call during the process of mobile phone is placed in a bathtub filled with water. not the conventional waterproof shell or casing seal design iphone5 waterproof features, but the circuit board components on the way, a layer of waterproof coating, even in the water can not harm to the component or cause a short circuit. In addition, iphone5 will also be equipped with quad-core as ipad3 the A5-x processor, the screen will also feature high-definition screen, thinner than iphone4s in the design, superior speed. The near future, according to well-known international websites disclose the Apple Iphone5 will adopt a new screen design. Screen using new technology (inCell) and a new material. This thickness decreased by about 20 percent of Apple's next-generation products. To 4-inch screen size at the same time, new technologies will make the screen DPI (resolution) increased by nearly 50%! But at the same time a new screen will increase the mobile phone power consumption, so there are experts speculate that Apple is using the new power supply system to meet the demand for ultra-high DPI screen.
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