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 Maple Leaf-Autumn Landscape Desktop Wallpaper
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Autumn is a beautiful season. Weather is always sunny, blue skies and no trace of clouds, I often looked up, pen prairie sky that Lao She is such ----- day is so high so blue. I watched, his heart felt open up. Occasionally there are birds flying from the sky, will make your heart whom shocked, that person as happy with the bird free, how good. Autumn no wind, the air some dry. Occasionally a little rain the next, but also make you feel comfortable. Smell of the earth's atmosphere, moist air moistening your face, watching the colors of nature, you will feel the outstretched arm, looked up, gently close your eyes, to take a deep breath, then, you is that a leaf, a flower, a fruit ... you will melt in the autumn of life.

I like the yellow ginkgo leaves in autumn, especially in the kind of lights illuminated color. Against the background of darkness, not the kind of golden yellow, yellow was a bit delicate, yellow was a bit subtle. The few pedestrians on the road, the ginkgo tree that lights shining like a painting on canvas painting, beautiful. I also like the red maple leaf, red, warm, not what kind of paint can bring up such a strong color. I imagine the day I can go to a big maple, wander alone in the maple, red maple leaf to flow into my blood. At this point, I think of the "parking Fenglin love to sit late, Leaves red flowers in February," the poem. The ancients must have soft spot for Maple Leaf is the. Autumn is the harvest season. The most fun is the farmers, that bronze face, it is something which marks the wrinkles years are filled with a smile. Past hard work and sweat as if it never happened. Watching them, you can not help but think about: happiness is so simple. Why do we worry? I love autumn, I like all the good things in nature. I love life, I want my life the same as the fall of colorful fruits.
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Maple Leaf-Autumn Landscape Desktop Wallpaper
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