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Title:Ghost-Halloween Illustration Design Wallpaper Views:8009
 Ghost-Halloween Illustration Design Wallpaper
 1920x1200 |  8009
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Halloween is a Western holiday, the annual November 1, October 31 is Halloween. Often called Halloween (Halloween). When the arrival of Halloween, the children will not wait to wear colorful costume, wearing strange masks, carrying a light, "Jack Light" channeling users to go home, ask the people to the big holiday gift. The most well-known symbol of Halloween is what these two - fantastic "Jack Light" and "do not give candy to make trouble," the prank.

"Jack Light" looks very cute, practice is also very simple. Hollowed out the pumpkin and then carved out smiling eyes and large mouth, and then plug in the melon in a candle, lit it, people far away can see this naive smile. This is children's favorite plaything. However, the highlight of Halloween is on the table, you should not only prepare food to serve those who come to trouble the "little devil", but in this special holiday dress for your table some. Do not let your guests look down upon you Oh!

That night is the year's most "haunted" when the various ghosts and goblins, pirates, alien visitors, and witches who have deployed. Before the Christian era, the Celtics held a ceremony to thank God in the late summer and the sun's favor. The soothsayer was lit and witchcraft to chase away the demons said to wander in the surrounding strange. Later, Romans used to celebrate the nuts and apple harvest festival and the Celtic fusion of October 31. In the Middle Ages, people wore animal shaped dress, wearing scary Halloween mask is like driving at night the ghosts. Although it has been replaced by the Celtic and Roman Christianity the religion, custom or early preserved. Now, the children with a variety of fun mental wear costumes and masks on Halloween night to participate in dance, these dances are often hanging around with papered walls witch, black cats, ghosts and skeletons, the window and the doorway is a hanging Ziya Liezui or terrifying pumpkin lanterns.
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Title:Ghost-Halloween Illustration Design Wallpaper Views:8009
Ghost-Halloween Illustration Design Wallpaper
 1920x1200 |  8009
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Title:Moonlight castle and bat-Halloween Illustration Design Wallpaper Views:15571
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