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types of herbs vanilla:

Sage: it is purple Suke plants, there are clear grassy and bitter. With cream or fresh cream flavor is matched, with it's tail is a cream sauce seasoned representative.

Rosemary: and the basil, is the most representative of Italian herbs. Characterized by a slightly bitter taste of the fragrance, the smell of meat can be removed, but the heavy smell, used to control weight.

Basil: is Italy's most common herbs, the smell of fresh slightly sweet, the most commonly used herbs in the sauce, and tomato flavor and very match.

Mint flowers: purple Suke Mediterranean plant origin, have a more exciting flavor. Typically use more dry goods. And tomato, cheese taste is matched, when do pizza without it.

Thyme: There are fresh sweet aroma, and seafood, meat and orange sauce quite match. Even if the cooking time because it can serve as flavor, making it ideal for use in stew or baked on.

Shrimp weed onions: Western Hu also called green onions, onions, a Division corporations, but the taste is mild, chopped food can be used as decoration, to add color.

Vanilla usage

Basil, rosemary and sage are indispensable to the Italian cooking material, usually a dish with just little bit vanilla, you can make food taste their best.

Herbs rich in Mediterranean coastal areas, especially in Italy and Greece, from ancient times has been commonly used for cooking on. And, in addition to food, also used in religious rituals and medical. Herbs can be said that the use of the ancient times, people on long-term the vanilla used in cooking, slowly accumulated experience, people know what the different materials should be equipped with vanilla.

In fact, the biggest role in vanilla flavor of the food is released and the whole dish more delicious work. For example, before the barbecue, let the vanilla into oil and fry the meat, or sprinkle the mixed herbs and salt on the meat and then grilled. Of course, what kind of herbs which should be equipped with food, or how to cook was the best, there is no hard and fast rules. The application of herbs can be said is a personal preference, if you are not familiar with this, you can use a small amount to try, try more than one can master the trick.
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herbaceous flowers - Health Herbal life wallpaper ..
herbaceous flowers - Health Herbal life wallpaper ..
herbaceous flowers - Health Herbal life wallpaper ..
herbaceous flowers - Health Herbal life wallpaper ..
herbaceous flowers - Health Herbal life wallpaper ..
herbaceous flowers - Health Herbal life wallpaper
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