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Hip-Hop is a cultural term, including rap (Rapping) Disc (DJing) graffiti (Graffiti) hip-hop (Breaking)

That sang from the 1960s, and as understanding of the Hip-Hop music is originated in the early 1970s, it was formerly RAP (sometimes add a little R & B). This is a completely freestyle improvisational style of music. This music is not programmed with any, binding of the composition. At any time, any place you can show off Hip hop as long as you hight. Hip-Hop literally, Hip is hip, Hop is the swing, hip torsion together is light, is the United States before the disco dancing (of course we are not like they are swinging hips, we are head-_-) refers to the original the prototype phase of the hip-hop (that is what we said before, break-dancing), then gradually developed into a great concept-we are talking about Hip-Hop culture, including those large clothes, heavy gold jewelry , usually speaks on "YoYo  what's up?" oral habits-in short, is that the U.S. poor black neighborhood way of life and their "range of children."

Hip-Hop's origins with a "poor" word can be summed up. Why wear a large size clothes? In addition to easy movement, the more is the large number of black families and little income, so my brother will be wearing smaller clothes to wear to my brother, this formed a great style of clothes; Why is there graffiti? This stuff was first Street area spheres of influence between the various gang signs, and later more and more beautifully detailed, evolved into folk art; why hip-hop? Because they had no money went to a disco, and even then the problem of racial discrimination still exists, the money does not necessarily play in the white ballroom was pleased; Why is pure Hip-Hop, and will work mainly black with foul language? Because black youth street gang no future no hope, they hate much more than they love.

Hip-hop: (generalized) is derived from street culture, cultural phenomena, cultural, sports and lifestyle.

Hip-hop: (narrow), including MC, DJ, Dance (dance, specifically hip-hop dance, also known as hip-hop) and Graffiti (graffiti) in four main areas, street ball, beatbox as the supplement.

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Hip Hop trend-people photography wallpaper
Hip Hop-people photography wallpaper 01
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