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Title:June Calendar Windmill Wallpaper Views:4961
 June Calendar Windmill Wallpaper
 1366x768 |  4961
Album Description
Korea Tourism Festival in June:

June, off the brilliant spring, ushering in a dark green in summer. Gradually the hot summer, everyone eager to have a cool trip, then before the advent of the hot travel plans up to develop a bar.

Busan Haeundae Beach Festival 2011 Time: June 3 ~ June 6

Location: Busan Haeundae Beach White Beach

Description: the theme of environmental protection at the beach section of the main beach walking, wrestling king of trials, beach soccer, beach volleyball and other sports activities, as well as beach skate section, a pile of sand castle, making the experience of the hourglass and other diverse activities. On the beach, the World Sand Sculpture Conference will be held, will then be able to see the different characteristics of the sand sculpture works.

Muju Firefly Festival Time: June 3 ~ June 11

Venue: Muju, North Jeolla County area (the cold floor, Park / South River, Firefly Stadium / Firefly Park) Introduction: the only clean area in the growth of the firefly's natural affinity for the themes and celebrations. Experience through the study of fireflies, you can see hundreds of thousands of stars in the night sky gorgeous fireflies dance performances.
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Title:June Calendar Windmill Wallpaper Views:4961
June Calendar Windmill Wallpaper
 1366x768 |  4961
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June Calendar sea rock wallpaper
 1366x768 |  4751
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