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Title:lens camera-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3794
 lens camera-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3794
Album Description
Cameras referred cameras, optical imaging principle is an image formation and use film to record images of the device. Many can record video devices have a camera feature. Medical imaging equipment, astronomical observation equipment. Camera for photographic optical instruments. The scene being shot out of the light reflected by the photographic lens (photo features mirror) and control the exposure shutter after focusing, the scene being shot in the black box forming a latent image on the photosensitive material, the wash process (i.e., developing and fixing) constitutes a permanent images, this technique is called photography. Sony (SONY), Canon (CANON), Kodak (Kodak), Olympus (Olympus), Nikon (Nikon), Fuji (Fujifilm), Samsung (SAMSUNG), Casio (CASIO), Pentax (PENTAX), Ricoh (Ricoh), Matsushita (Panasonic), Sanyo (SANYO), Epson (EPSON), Hewlett-Packard (HP), Toshiba (TOSHIBA), Konica Minolta (KonicaMinolta), Sigma (Sigma), Leica (Leica), innovation (CREATIVE ), Hitachi (Hitachi), Rollei (Rollei), Nicodemo, Phase One, Lumix, ALPA, Mamiya, Lomo, Zenit, HOYA, Hasselblad (Hasselblad)
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Title:lens camera-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3794
lens camera-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3794
Title:a four leaf clover-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:6251
a four leaf clover-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  6251
Title:broken glass-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:8261
broken glass-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  8261
Title:white dandelion-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3553
white dandelion-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3553
Title:dandelion on purple-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3824
dandelion on purple-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3824
Title:drop on flower petal-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3108
drop on flower petal-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3108
Title:Peacock feathers-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3604
Peacock feathers-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 1920x1200 |  3604
Title:hook onto-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:2753
hook onto-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  2753
Title:leaf drops-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3117
leaf drops-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3117
Title:pink lily-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3629
pink lily-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3629
Title:maple leaf fall-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3899
maple leaf fall-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3899
Title:out of border-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3705
out of border-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3705
Title:pink cherry flower-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:4807
pink cherry flower-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  4807
Title:read it-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3959
read it-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3959
Title:red leaf down-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3795
red leaf down-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3795
Title:ring-Macro photography HD Wallpaper Views:3332
ring-Macro photography HD Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  3332
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