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 primer amanecer-Linux OS wallpaper
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Linux is a free and open source Unix-like operating system. At present, there are many different Linux, but they all use the Linux kernel. Linux can be installed in a variety of computer hardware, from mobile phones, tablet PCs, routers, and video game consoles, desktop computers, mainframes and supercomputers. Linux is a leading operating system, the world's fastest supercomputers are running the Linux operating system.Strictly speaking, Linux is the word itself only said that the Linux kernel, but in fact people have been accustomed to use Linux to describe the entire Linux kernel, and use the various tools of the GNU Project and the database operating system. Linux gets its name from the computer amateurs of Linus Torvalds. At present, the release of Linux such as Ubuntu, Red Hat, the Debian, Fedora, and so on.
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primer amanecer-Linux OS wallpaper
AEG-Linux OS wallpaper
bubbles-Linux OS wallpaper
crocosmia-Linux OS wallpaper
dalmatian-Linux OS wallpaper
green-Linux OS wallpaper
grey day-Linux OS wallpaper
holes-Linux OS wallpaper
morning ii-Linux OS wallpaper
quandro-Linux OS wallpaper
spiral-Linux OS wallpaper
ubuntu blue-Linux OS wallpaper
ubuntu city scape-Linux OS wallpaper
ubuntu flower-Linux OS wallpaper
ubuntu graffiti-Linux OS wallpaper
ubuntu illustration-Linux OS wallpaper
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