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Title:Andromeda Galaxy wallpaper Views:188292
 Andromeda Galaxy wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  188292
Album Description
This is July, fresh baked Apple's new system brought the wallpaper LION compilations, Snow Leopard Apple's system since the last release two years time, I feel this is taking the official wallpaper fresh and elegant lines, and no emergence of relatively sharp tone. Also provide the size of Apple's official wallpaper is a large 3200 × 2000, so we offer to download the wallpaper size reached 13 species in the history of most, hehe ......

Apple Mac OS X Lion System description:

Lion (Lion) is Apple's next-generation desktop operating system, version 10.7, was officially listed in July this year. According to Apple official said, it will be good on the mac operating system experience to the iphone, which carried forward pass and continued evolution to ipad, now back to these lessons mac.

In the June 11 opening of the San Francisco World Developers Conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs described Apple's Lion system is "the essence of the soul of Apple." Lion main additional features such as automatic file storage, file recovery, the original version, restoring the application is closed. It also includes full-screen applications, merging the interface of the "Task Manager" tool, as well as online shopping capabilities. Lion system is suitable for all Apple personal computers, the more expensive end of the certificate Family Pack system. $ 29.99 price with the 2009 release of Snow Leopard the same.

Apple officially announced Mac OS X Lion will bring over 250 new features, including fast start, LaunchPad, gesture control, AirDrop, auto-save functions, stunning success of the Mac experience.
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Title:Andromeda Galaxy wallpaper Views:188292
Andromeda Galaxy wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  188292
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Title:Japan Fuji wallpaper Views:34952
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Title:Lake wallpaper Views:21514
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Title:Lion wallpaper 01 Views:34859
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Title:Moon wallpaper Views:15838
Moon wallpaper
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Title:Pink Forest wallpaper Views:22690
Pink Forest wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  22690
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