Maple Leaf Red the Kyoto Enkoji Temple Autumn wallpaper Second Series - page 1
 Courtyard Autumn-Enkoji Temple Autumn wallpapers
Album Description
Kyoto Enkoji in the year 1601 by Tokugawa Ieyasu (Keicho 6) was created for the Rinzai sect temple. Kyoto Enkoji early development of Buddhism, for the average person to provide school places for the purpose, is well known, is the first Japanese school. Now holds many books brought to Japan from North Korea and a large wooden movable type publishing history of Japanese culture. Kyoto Enkoji College ago hidden Yu Zen practice process "10 cattle tribunal," famous. In, Kyoto Enkoji or famous garden ornamental red leaves. Tourists in the temple the porch sipping Hongzhan seats Kyoto dessert, green tea, while enjoying the beauties of autumn leaves. Kyoto Enkoji located mountainside homes, there is no door from the eyes or maple maple connected Omotesando the crowds too few compared with the near Mansfield hospital and the Shixian Church. Then through a small door into the door of the Kyoto Enkoji is the the 10 cattle tribunal, a small, small garden, has a gorgeous Autumn can be read at a glance. It on three sides surrounded by buildings, with the other members of the Court compared the yard at first glance more like ordinary people, just around the walk around every corner of Maple Leaf uneven color, or red or yellow, presents a different look. Viewfinder, especially from the portico of the depths of the garden, that the sun shines in Hongye, Hongzhan, tatami screen is a must.
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