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 Dassault Rafale-Military aircraft HD wallpaper
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Military aircraft is directly involved in fighting to protect the general term of combat operations and military training aircraft. Aviation technology and equipment. Include: fighters, bombers, fighter-bombers, attack aircraft, anti-submarine patrol aircraft, helicopter gunships, reconnaissance, early warning aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft, artillery reconnaissance and fire aircraft, seaplane, military transport aircraft, aerial refueling and trainer aircraft. A large number of aircraft used in combat, the war from two-dimensional to three-dimensional space, had a major impact on strategy and tactics and army composition. The aircraft was originally used for military carry out reconnaissance missions, and occasionally used in the bombing of ground targets and attack the air enemy. Military aircraft during World War I, there has been developed specifically to perform some task, for example, is mainly used for air combat fighter, dedicated to the assault ground targets of the bombers and for the direct support of ground forces combat attack aircraft. Military aircraft can be loaded gun and carry missiles, rockets, bombs and torpedoes and other weapons used to attack air and ground, surface or underwater targets. Fighter, fighter-bombers, attack aircraft, the majority of bombers, and some military transport aircraft are all equipped with a cannon attack or self-defense weapons. Modern fighter aircraft, mostly equipped with a gun, carry distance stopped shooting missiles and combat air to air missile. Based on the experience of many local wars since the late 1970s, the modern air combat should be used suitable for close combat air-to-air missiles, that is fighting the missile.
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Dassault Rafale-Military aircraft HD wallpaper
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Mikoyan MiG -Military aircraft HD wallpaper
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saab 35 draken-Military aircraft HD wallpaper
Saab JAS 39 Gripen-Military aircraft HD wallpaper
Saab JAS 39 Gripen -Military aircraft HD wallpaper
sukhoi su 27 -Military aircraft HD wallpaper
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