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 Evil Jack Pumpkin Wallpaper
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When the arrival of Halloween, people dress up in the street shuttle vampire, witch riding a broom will be women with black cats, or loaded from the Hunchback of Notre Dame or the devil look like door to door knocking scary! Door open "little devil" who will make a make a scary face, said: trick or treat (do not give candy, Trick or Treat)!

What is Halloween? Many people think that this is the legendary West Halloween, it is not. Halloween and for Hallowe'en, is Hallow Even the acronym is the meaning of Halloween, like Christmas Eve (Christmas Eve) the same; so to say, Halloween is November 1 each year, called Allhallowmas, Jane writing Hallowmas, that is the old saying in the All Saints' Day. Of course, now even more popular is Halloween.

Halloween's origins can be traced back to 500 BC when living in Ireland, Scotland Celts (Celtic tribe) believe that the spirits will be October 31 this day back to the place of residence during his lifetime, and in the living body look for creatures to get the regeneration opportunities. People worry about the ghost to win his own life, so when October 31 comes, will put out all the lights, so the ghost can not find the living, people dressed up as ghosts and goblins will be the way to scare away the ghosts.

Over time, the meaning of Halloween with festive mean by become. So now a symbol of Halloween monsters and pictures, have become a cute and quirky appearance, such as pumpkin monsters, witches and so on. Americans love their creativity, this day is doing all it can to get ghost mode to dress up like ghosts, Halloween has become so much more interesting.

Halloween day, the United States will host Halloween carnival around the streets everywhere exciting live performances, staged illusion stage magic, realistic corpse and ghost tours, and all kinds of horror films will be shown. In the evening, we rush to rack up the spider silk, and then to help the actors responsible for scary makeup. Haunted content, most of the film is relevant to the subject, such as: The Mummy, Star legend, ghost stories .... The arrangement of these scenes, costumes and make-up technology, like real situations, inattentive, certain people scream.
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