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 Solar System-Universe space HD Desktop Wallpaper
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Meteorites originated in outer space hit the Earth's surface after the remnants of natural objects. It is also called a meteoroid in space, when he enters the atmosphere, impact pressure to make this object is heated and emits light, and they will become fireball, that is, the so-called meteor. The fireballs term display of an object from beyond Earth and collide with the Earth, or extreme bright, similar the fireball meteor will eventually hit the Earth's surface.At 12:30 on February 15th, 2013 in Chelyabinsk, Russia celestial crashes. According to the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry said, the fall of a meteorite. Friction burn through the atmosphere, an explosion, produce large amounts of debris, and the formation of the so-called "meteorite shower. In the fall area, many architectural window glass broken, the event has resulted in more than 1,200 injured.Amateur astronomers said on the social networking site, precursor of asteroids near Earth asteroid 2012DA14 tonight will fly to 27,700 kilometers from Earth, this distance is even lower than the geostationary satellite orbit altitude and crashed Russian meteorite may. Russian astronomer rejected this argument, because the meteorite's flight direction is from the northeast to the southwest, and the 2012DA14 the former is almost the "opposite".
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Solar System-Universe space HD Desktop Wallpaper
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