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Title:Albatross Seabirds-Animal World Wallpaper Views:19707
 Albatross Seabirds-Animal World Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  19707
Album Description
A new study found that most of the Albatross "married" life on the fly, this passion for flying albatross flying around the Earth in a circle, some even twice. However, some of the more "family love" Albatross choose to stay in their breeding grounds near the South Atlantic region. Albatross side fly while sleeping. They rarely wings, gliding rest alternately left and right brain. Nestling digested fat and half-digested food from the mouth of the parent birds, after five months of careful tending, the nestlings grow a solid feathers, will be able to lead independent lives in the storm, out of the nest. Since then, the male albatross left the fledgling start a trip around the world. Albatross grow up slowly ushered longer the lonely trip. Until after the age of 9 or 10 years old, before they celibacy, all day Youth Pre-employment Training roam freely in the sea to find their partner before lazily. The albatross often become victim fishermen commercial fishing fleet on the sea extending several kilometers Samuel erbium hook to lure tuna, swordfish and other fish longline planted bait, and these bait albatross the same temptation. Therefore, albatrosses often inadvertently hooks hooked drowned. In 2001, conservationists, according to statistics, the world each year about 300,000 seabirds die from longline fishermen, which at least one-third of albatrosses. They will be swimming, but not diving. Need to take off the sharp tapping to rely on two long wings sea, on land, you simply can not take off, often to climb to the edge of the cliff or high slope, then jump down to fly.
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Title:Albatross Seabirds-Animal World Wallpaper Views:19707
Albatross Seabirds-Animal World Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  19707
Title:Black Ant-Animal World Wallpaper Views:9258
Black Ant-Animal World Wallpaper
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Title:butterfly park-Animal World Wallpaper Views:4612
butterfly park-Animal World Wallpaper
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Title:Cat Blur-Animal World Wallpaper Views:6279
Cat Blur-Animal World Wallpaper
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Title:Cat Play Hide Cute-Animal World Wallpaper Views:8827
Cat Play Hide Cute-Animal World Wallpaper
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Title:Cat Soap Bubble-Animal World Wallpaper Views:19475
Cat Soap Bubble-Animal World Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  19475
Title:Custer State Park-Animal World Wallpaper Views:4833
Custer State Park-Animal World Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  4833
Title:Dog Photo-Animal World Wallpaper Views:5830
Dog Photo-Animal World Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  5830
Title:dragonfly-Animal World Wallpaper Views:5221
dragonfly-Animal World Wallpaper
 1920x1440 |  5221
Title:Flamingos-Animal World Wallpaper Views:5676
Flamingos-Animal World Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  5676
Title:Hermigua Gomera Spain-Animal World Wallpaper Views:5271
Hermigua Gomera Spain-Animal World Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  5271
Title:Iberian horse-Animal World Wallpaper Views:6221
Iberian horse-Animal World Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  6221
Title:Kanha National Park Tiger-Animal World Wallpaper Views:6654
Kanha National Park Tiger-Animal World Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  6654
Title:Kuala Lumpur Bird-Animal World Wallpaper Views:4762
Kuala Lumpur Bird-Animal World Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  4762
Title:Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher-Animal World Wallpaper Views:7748
Madagascar Pygmy Kingfisher-Animal World Wallpaper
 2560x1600 |  7748
Title:marmot push Olympic National Park-Animal World Wallpaper Views:10663
marmot push Olympic National Park-Animal World Wallp..
 2560x1600 |  10663
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