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 lizard bright color-Natural animal Wallpaper
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Lizard (Lizard) lizards are cold-blooded reptiles, very similar to the early ancestors of the reptiles and it appeared in the Triassic period. Most reproduce by spawning, but some species have evolved directly give birth to young lizards. Lizards commonly known as "four-foot snake, some people call it" snake aunt is a common reptiles. Lizards and snakes close relationship, the two have many similarities, the whole body coverage derived epidermal keratinocytes scales, cloacal anal hole is a horizontal crack, the male has a pair of copulatory are oviparous (or some ovoviviparous species), side bone activities. Lizards commonly known as "big lizard", the two countries is the protection of wild animals in Yunnan, Guangdong more, Fujian less [1]. Reptile animal lizard belongs to its wide range of distribution in the Earth, there are about 3000 kinds, there are more than 150 species known in China. Distributed mostly in tropical and subtropical regions, its diverse living environment, mainly terrestrial, there are arboreal, semi-aquatic and soil-burrowing. Most insects for food, there are the few types of plants they eat. The lizard is oviparous, minority Ovoviviparity.
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lizard bright color-Natural animal Wallpaper
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