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 Pacific Rim 2013 Movie HD Desktop Wallpaper
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"Pacific Rim" is directed by Guillermo del Toro's a sci-fi, horror, horror movie theme, will be held July 12, 2013 U.S. release. "Pacific Rim" tells the story of two different world systems; one dating back several decades after the human world, in November 2012, there is a similar Godzilla giant monster "kaiju" from the Pacific end of a emerge at the caves, attacked the city of Osaka, Japan, after a few decades, there have been monsters emerge from the sea to attack the Pacific coast city; another one is hidden in the bottom of the ocean, unknown world "The Anteverse", which is located monsters appear the other end of the cave, leading to the world's entrance is located five miles deep seabed. In order to withstand marine monsters are more and more frequent attacks, humans started a project called "Skua" (Jaeger) military plan, set up a fully-equipped with cutting-edge technology and equipment monster army against invading effective riposte . Form the "skua" The army of the individual is armed to the teeth of the giant "Mech Warrior", the Japanese version of "Skua" Tango wolf has a manned version, and the Chinese version of "Skua" crimson hurricane is a trio manipulation. The hero is a Mingluo Li Antrobus (Raleigh Antrobus) the former "Mech Warrior" driver, aged 23 years old. Raleigh's brother (also his co-pilot) died, Raleigh has been struggling in mourning lost loved ones is difficult to escape. Later, Raleigh rejoined, "Jaeger" The army, together with his partner driving replaced by a man named "Mako Mori" the 22-year-old Japanese woman, which is the film's heroine. Because of language barriers, both in the process of fighting partner suffered no small trouble. In addition, there is an identity of reporters movie important role of women, she has been committed to investigative reporting monster attacks the truth, and strive to explore the underwater world of the unknown secrets.
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Pacific Rim 2013 Movie HD Desktop Wallpaper
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