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Title:Luka Modric wallpaper Views:12012
 Luka Modric wallpaper
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2010-2011 Premier League Tottenham Hotspur Tottenham Hotspur season summary

English Premier League this season has been slowly falling curtain, as the best play of the season to see the team, Tottenham Hotspur, won 5 league, and reached the Champions League last eight, the performance is quite eye-catching. And this season, Spurs fans are destined to become a memorable season.

Last season, Tottenham reached the Champions League success, the traditional Premier League semi-finals of the situation is broken. So in this season, Tottenham fans have been ushered in some strange European Champions Cup. However, not once, but was optimistic about the Spurs in the international teams such as Milan and Werder Bremen won the group first formed in the group of death, including two classic battle with Inter Milan, but also long been a hot Bell teenager stabbed the rapid popularity of the season.

In the league, Tottenham start is some justification. The previous four rounds 1-0 Wigan West Brom 1 - 1 draw people how many teams are in the new season the team has doubts about the journey. Especially in the transfer market deadline heavily purchased Van der Vaart, at the beginning of the races do not seem to enter the state, many people including me, also doubts whether the method can quickly integrate into the Spurs Fan, and After the introduction of the Model Law has been sacrificed on the season, forming the core to Modric's offensive system is worth it. But soon, Van der Vaart on responded to the voices of doubt, and he and Spurs finally deduced that field, "love" is probably the most unexpected people.

Season five, with the Wolves game, Van der Vaart with a record penalty, in his report card and wrote a Premiership first. In October, November, Van der Vaart ushered in the outbreak. Total in the league and the Champions League into 6 balls, and four assists. Among these, 3-1 Inter Milan Champions League game, although Van der Vaart is a great tribute, but how much of the Bell snatched light, but belongs to the Dutch joined the war will come. November 20, 2010, the North London derby, van der Vaart 1 ball 2 assists, behind two goals to help Spurs in the case of complete reversal of rivals Arsenal win 3-2! Van der Vaart was officially crowned the new king for the White Hart Lane.

Arsenal is reversed from the 14th round began, Tottenham's ranking on the league and then to drop out of the first six, in fact, in addition to 3 Harding Park, ranked No. 6 after the other round, the Spurs are stable ranks fifth in the league. From the strength point of view, tuning under Redknapp Tottenham did have strong words with the league's traditional despotic power, if not distracted by the Champions League, Tottenham and Manchester City among the top four who can also unknown. Sorry, the Tottenham midfield this season, a tie game too much, as 37 Harding Park, Tottenham at home 8-1, but there are nine draws, points out only the first eight league. It touches a good performance away to Tottenham, 7 wins, 5 draws, 7 losses, 26 points, tied for the league with Chelsea, the first two, 30 points behind Arsenal.

But it is undeniable that, despite the missed the first four, but Tottenham is the Premiership this season's most entertaining team, not one. Single, 2-4 league defeat on Bolton's match, 3-2, 3-2 victory reversed Arsenal Stoke City match are scattered in Jingdianzhizhan Mars. The most noteworthy is the April 21 second leg with Arsenal's north London derby, the two sides battle 3-3. Interestingly, that game is exactly the same time with the Spanish National Derby staged, but compared to Real Madrid and Barcelona that field Menzhan, Tottenham and Arsenal battle it better to show the charm of the sport, Chan Chun also this game called "walking advertisement for the Premier League."

Did not reached the Champions League for the second consecutive season for the Spurs is a pity, but unfortunately does not end up with ugly, in a sense, than some of the system of hegemony in Europe more respect for the football team Sports native beauty. The big break this season, Bell, who may not be able to stay in team, Sandro is a good move to strike it hot. For Tottenham, the number of players leaving the team is not necessarily a bad thing, after the departure of Manchester United in the C Luo big signings, but still can not return to the peak, while Tottenham were the strength of the many excellent players is enough to make the team continue to be the top four next season even more favorable honor competitors.
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Title:Luka Modric wallpaper Views:12012
Luka Modric wallpaper
 1920x1200 |  12012
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