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 Sci-fi Space Art-Genesis missile of the planet
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Space art is a general term for art emerging from knowledge and ideas associated with outer space, both as a source of inspiration and as a means for visualizing and promoting space travel. Whatever the stylistic path, the artist is generally attempting to communicate ideas somehow related to space, often including appreciation of the infinite variety and vastness which surrounds us. In some cases, artists who consider themselves space artists use more than illustration and painting to communicate scientific discoveries or works depicting space; a new breed of space artists work directly with space flight technology and scientists as an opportunity to expand the arts, humanities and cultural expression relative to space exploration.

Modern Digital Art——Practitioners of the visual arts have for many decades explored space in their imaginations using traditional painting media and many are now using digital media toward similar ends. Science Fiction magazines and picture essay magazines were once a major outlet for space art, often featuring planets, space ships and dramatic alien landscapes. Chesley Bonestell, R. A. Smith, Lucien Rudaux, and Ludek Pesek were some of the major artists actively involved in visualizing space exploration proposals with input from experts in the infant rocketry field anxious to spread their ideas to a wider audience. A strength of particularly Bonestell's work was the portrayal of exotic worlds with their own alien beauty, often giving a sense of destination as much as of the technological means of getting there.
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Sci-fi Space Art-Genesis missile of the planet
Sci-Fi Space Art-Relegation of the planet
HD Space Art-Omicron Beta- light of planet
HD Space Art-Outpost of the Huge Dark planet
Sci-fi Space Art-Future Earth- Snow Era Spacescape..
Sci-fi Space Art-Future Earth 2584 Spacescapes
Pure Space Art-Universe and Planets Digital Art
Sci-Fi Space Art-The rise of a planet
Sci-Fi Space Art-Spring Fever of the planet
HD Space Art-Planet and the ring orbits
Sci-Fi Space Art-Winter on the planet
HD Space Art-Asteroid Armageddon- The End of the E..
Sci-Fi Space Art-Decampment from the Planet
Sci-Fi Space Art-Gorgeous Sci-Fi Concept Space Art..
Sci-fi Space Art-Loca Infernorum- Planet Explosion..
Sci-Fi Space Art-Gorgeous Sci-Fi Concept Space Art..
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