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 beautiful Seychelles island scenery HD wallpaper
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Republic of Seychelles Seychelles archipelago is located in the east coast of Africa, north of Madagascar away from the Western Indian Ocean, the 92 islands, one year only two seasons - hot season and cool season, no winter. Here is a large natural botanical garden, there are more than 500 kinds of plants, including 80 kinds in the world simply can not find elsewhere. Each island has its own characteristics, Aldabra Island is also famous for Turtle Island, the island life tens of thousands of sea turtles; Frey Stuttgart Island is a "Insect World"; Kong Sen Island "bird paradise"; Ignatius island rich variety of colorful seashells. Blue sky, clear water, sun, sand, sea breeze, a beautiful island nation should have everything, where not only have, and more. So in the Seychelles, you will become greedy. Because there gardenia fragrance in the air, so even the most simple breathing becomes enjoyment. Here's plants are very large, lush also with a bit presumptuous, color is rich, such as Gauguin's paintings. There Hami melon Songta gallery so big, worry-free grass leaves actually grow a foot wide, huge coconut trees crosswise in the window, behind the tall tall hibiscus red to Phoenix Gallery Tree tea millet, almost covered Half the Sky. Living in the meantime, you will find a vibrant plants and flowers are the real masters of the island, who is just one embellishment. Their treasures are called sea coconut exotic fruits, foreign tourists need if you want to exit with a license held by the local government. In the more than one million square kilometers of the vast turquoise Indian Ocean, pearl-like scattered 115 granite and coral islands, one on the planet has the most original, the most beautiful natural environment, while modern amenities Youyi protection of civilized life countries. Sun, sand, sea, blue sky; various exotic animals, Keke towering trees, people feel like being the Garden of Eden; simple folk, leisurely life, La Digue island carts and took it back to the last century, early years here seems to leave no trace.
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beautiful Seychelles island scenery HD wallpaper
Leisure-Seychelles island scenery HD wallpaper
Seaside scenery-Seychelles island scenery HD wallp..
Beach at dusk-Seychelles island scenery HD wallpap..
Sandy beach-Seychelles island scenery HD wallpaper
Bay-Seychelles island scenery HD wallpaper
Island Pool-Seychelles island scenery HD wallpaper
Beautiful beaches-Seychelles island scenery HD wal..
Paradise-Seychelles island scenery HD wallpaper
Beautiful island-Seychelles island scenery HD wall..
Central island-Seychelles island scenery HD wallpa..
Corner of the island-Seychelles island scenery HD ..
Attractions-Seychelles island scenery HD wallpaper
Clear water-Seychelles island scenery HD wallpaper
Island panorama-Seychelles island scenery HD wallp..
Rocks Beach-Seychelles island scenery HD wallpaper
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