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Title:Something Borrowed Movie Wallpapers 02 Views:6721
 Something Borrowed Movie Wallpapers 02
 1920x1200 |  6721
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Something Borrowed wedding emergency / non-off friendship / marriage did not Friends of Friends / borrowed happiness film Aspect

In recent years, according to the best-selling novel of love, the film frequently by the blitz. From 2009's "He's Just Not That You", 2010 "Food, prayers and love", to this year's "wedding emergency," the novel and the film rely on their influence with each other use the service, than alone fighting the same movie more favored by the market.

Original fiction film of the same name from American writer Emily - Giffen's hands. Emily specializes in writing about "gender relations" of the story, and tap one of the rich emotional journey. The same with Emily, to youth film "girl next door" to the audience well-known American director Luke - Greenfield also explore gender feelings sympathetically, so the film company to film the story he found is not surprising . This proposal received a shot when Luke was in New York writing, film companies deliberately contacted his agent, the script e -mail to him and repeatedly told he must see. Luke would not hold much hope for the script, but when he opened immediately after the script attracted, which he had seen the love story is different: "The story fascinated me the most is that it's not predictability, there are many unexpected situations, imagine turning it, as unlike most of the developing love story, always to an unexpected place in reading fiction and screenplays, I found that this fact Common sense is not the kind of romantic love comedy, can not even call it a comedy and it is a probe touched the heart of the drama character ... As the film's heroine Rachel, she is one pair their lack of confidence of a woman, afraid of honest people directly, and have her do not deserve long-term happiness, do not deserve good things encountered negative thoughts, but she can not help but fall in love, and slowly began to change. "

In Luke, when reading the script, Ginny - Goodwin's name has been surfaced in his mind. When they really started to discuss cooperation in Hollywood together when Luke could not help but look at Ginny, think Rachel seems to be sitting in front of him talking. As this role is tailored to Ginny, as long as the front of the camera to show her true self is enough. For the story of Rachel's friends Daqian, Luke is the first time on the thought of Kate - Hudson. He almost begged her to star in this role. Because Daqian is a very self, narcissistic people, like Kate that Luke needs a charismatic actor, this role becomes the Daxi vivid and pleasing. Luke believes that Kate completed the outstanding tasks.
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Title:Something Borrowed Movie Wallpapers 02 Views:6721
Something Borrowed Movie Wallpapers 02
 1920x1200 |  6721
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Something Borrowed Movie Wallpapers
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Something Borrowed Movie Wallpapers 06
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