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 Astronomical Art Asteroid Approaching the Earth
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Modern Digital Art

Practitioners of the visual arts have for many decades explored space in their imaginations using traditional painting media and many are now using digital media toward similar ends. Science Fiction magazines and picture essay magazines were once a major outlet for space art, often featuring planets, space ships and dramatic alien landscapes. Chesley Bonestell, R. A. Smith, Lucien Rudaux, and Ludek Pesek were some of the major artists actively involved in visualizing space exploration proposals with input from experts in the infant rocketry field anxious to spread their ideas to a wider audience. A strength of particularly Bonestell's work was the portrayal of exotic worlds with their own alien beauty, often giving a sense of destination as much as of the technological means of getting there.

Space Art related books

* Worlds Beyond: The Art of Chesley Bonestell Ron Miller & Frederick C. Durant, III

* In the Stream of Stars: The Soviet-American Space Art Book Sokolov, Miller, ,Myagkov, Hartmann, International Association for the Astronomical Arts

* Visions of Spaceflight Images from the Ordway collection Frederick I. Ordway III Four Walls Eight Windows, New York 2000

* Imagining Space

Achievements*Predictions*Possibilities 1950-2050 Chronicle Books 2001

* Star Struck: One Thousand Years of the art of Science and Astronomy Ronald Brashear Daniel Lewis 2001 Univ. of Washington Press

* Futures: 50 Years in Space David A. Hardy & Patrick Moore AAPPL 2004
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Astronomical Art Asteroid Approaching the Earth
Astronomical Art Blue Earth Planets and Universe
Astronomical Art Explostion on the Earth
Astronomical Art Lunar probe and Space
Astronomical Art Planet Satellite and the huge Ast..
Astronomical Art Planets and the Universe Space Ar..
Astronomical Art Planets and the Universe
Astronomical Art Planets and Universe
Astronomical Art Space Satellite and the Lunar Sur..
Astronomical Art Space Satellites and Universe
Astronomical Art Space Sation over the Earth
Astronomical Art Space Shuttle Earth and Lunar S..
Astronomical Art Space Shuttle Above the Earth
Astronomical Art Space SHuttle and the Lunar Surfa..
Astronomical Art Space Shuttles Leaving the Earth
Digital Space Art Blue Planet The Earth Widescreen
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