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Title:Tahitian sunset under the palm wallpaper Views:32706
 Tahitian sunset under the palm wallpaper
 1920x1200 |  32706
Album Description
Tahiti (Tahiti, Tahiti): paradise-like resort

Tahiti (Tahiti, also translated Tahiti) in the South Pacific, northeast of New Zealand, south of Hawaii, is the French Polynesian Islands, the largest of five islands, the largest streams in the two islands. Overlooking this island from the air, like Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale mermaid. AD 1716, the British fleet found this piece of paradise, called the "sea Xiandao. " Three years, although the local Polynesian experience and autonomy of colonial disputes, experienced the baptism of war, however, is still preserved today's Tahitian pure, romantic, tropical, like a pure crystal-clear blue Dream, to attract tourists all over the world indulge life.

Tahiti, also known as Love Island, Tahiti and her islands can become a paradise for everyone, here are the world's most beautiful islands, crystal blue and sparkling emerald water with color, like color Disk-like staining in the sea ...... gradient blue sea, coral convergence Yan, dazzling white sand beaches and swaying coconut green shore, Yijing water huts, the beautiful mountains Purple dense, with Pretty girl sitting alone corolla drifting downstream at the stern ... ... In these circumstances, is not a dream, but "the closest place to heaven", is the National Geographic magazine as "the world's top ten resort"one of the - - Tahiti, Hawaii, a following, Phuket, the Maldives after the sight of the rare people into the island to the United States. The big stars and European aristocracy love the incomparable resort, up to September 2008 was officially open to Chinese citizens, Tahiti is romantic with its breathtaking purity of conquering more and more Chinese people, "to large River to go on holiday "has been a lot of fashion as a"must realize the dream. "
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Title:Tahitian sunset under the palm wallpaper Views:32706
Tahitian sunset under the palm wallpaper
 1920x1200 |  32706
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