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 night urban traffic-City landscape wallpaper
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The urban courtyard photography lies not only in shooting static building, construction photos and customs of the residents of the streets until their lifestyle intake screen cleverly combined, not only more meaningful and better display out the personality of this work. The streets during the day and the light intensity is essentially the same, this feature may make the scene contrast is too large to undermine the harmony of the picture. To make full use of the surrounding environment light intensity of reflected light high-speed picture shooting. Such as the character of the light-colored clothes, white walls, car bodies, etc., can be used to adjust the light intensity, to make the picture more harmonious. Daytime sun in the morning and in the evening the formation of different irradiation direction, projected onto the streets alley, there will be a difference between the projected effects. So, also according to the trend of the streets, select the best time of day to shoot the best term effects. Urban architecture of the new century, is compelling. Photographer actual shooting, do not stay in a rut, must consciously break the routine, flexible and innovative ways to deal with the picture. In picture composition must be repeated scrutiny, well conceived, can try to complete part of the building structure separated from other parts connected to create an abstract, concise picture shooting. Shooting photographer also flexible witty novel factor, the the Four Gig urban architecture body can use flowers, trees, buildings framework as a novel prospects for the whole rationale for the use of, so as to inject new original plain theme vitality, good photo shoot refreshing. To be good at found the extraordinary in the ordinary streets. In the observation of the observation, thinking, thinking. Observed include: King and the situation of the type of construction of streets, housing layout, alleys. Each region has its streets, but the streets and different, each with its own characteristics and found different features found. Such as the southern city of white walls, black tiles, stone roads, Jiangnan Watertown bridges, stone steps, Beijing's hutongs, the Border's side streets, unique views of these places. With typical landscape, but also a unique plot, plot will make the screen move up, live it up before resulting in the streets in the photo to the formation of the "empty lane" "Cul-De-Sac. The only intersection of King and feelings in some, in order to constitute a fascinating works of folk characteristics.
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night urban traffic-City landscape wallpaper
night traffic-City landscape wallpaper
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