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Title:cherry blossoms japan-spring wallpaper Album Views:97903
 cherry blossoms japan-spring wallpaper Album
 1920x1200 |  97903
Album Description
Waiting is a blessing, a hope is waiting, waiting for a helpless, waiting is a pleasure ... ...

Away the inflammation-day summer, golden autumn, cold winter, ushered in the spring of hope.

In this grim season, not off white cotton in this world, has quietly opened late plum.

In the long and cold days, there have been many times that people wind lashed out, it's like the master of the dark, daunting, in that everyone wants to stay longer within a warm blanket. Only that day really lively children who, in this world of snow, like a happy angel, on the grass, the road happily snowmen, snowball fights ... ...

Fortunately, the pace of the spring has been a step closer. Shy of the grass quietly exposed head. Curious, she stared, look left, right, look, stop a moment and see who it is that green jacket, and forced out the top soil of a small head, soft as lovely as a pleasant green, a green also little bits and pieces of the bud. Plum flowers in early spring to open the "room" of the "window", seems to be because after a long "hibernation" period reason, and I want like breathing fresh air outside.

Whole world seemed to awake in this moment, to be tightly sealed water ice gradually melted, a few birds flying away, and some of the ice without stopping, as if in appreciation of their own shadows ; some through the branches, passing the lake, leaving a circle ripples, as well as singing in the branches ... ...

In early spring, spring fills the air, everything is so fresh, so vibrant. The distant blue of the sky was pale white and several flower floating in the clouds occasionally, then clouds and reflected in the clear water, plus several more birds, several more Yingti. Green mountains, near water has passed, can not but be thrown to the winds all the distractions it? Such a beautiful environment, such a beautiful nature, are not worthy of our treasure it?
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Title:cherry blossoms japan-spring wallpaper Album Views:97903
cherry blossoms japan-spring wallpaper Album
 1920x1200 |  97903
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