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 underwater coral fish sea ocean-Animal photo desktop wallpaper
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Corals are groups or coral skeletons, the name comes from the ancient Persian sanga (stone). Coral is a cylindrical marine coelenterates food from the mouth into the food residue from the discharge port, which feed on tiny ocean plankton for food, in the growth process can absorb calcium and carbon dioxide in seawater, and then secrete limestone, into their survival shell. In China, some corals are Jixiang Fu symbol, has been used to make precious crafts. Red coral and amber, pearls are collectively known as organic gems. Qing Emperor row Asahi liturgy, frequently Dai Hongshan made ​​of coral beads. There coral beauty beauty, blood eyesight is precious Chinese medicine herbs. Its English name is coral. Often has white coral color, but also a small amount of blue and black. Gem coral red, pink, orange and red. Coral red is due to the growth process to absorb water in about 1% of iron oxide, black coral is because it contains organic matter. Coral has to adjust the light colors of fluorescent dye, the impact on coral symbiotic algae and corals to adapt to different light and shade on the environment an important role.
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underwater coral fish sea ocean-Animal photo deskt..
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