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 yellow-bellied sunbird male-picturesque bright bird wallpaper
Album Description
Japanese Robin Japanese Robin song
Passeriformes> Flycatcher Section> Eurasian Robin is PASSERIFORMES> Muscicapidae> Erithacus akahige
Description: Compact size (15 cm) of the song Robin. Brown upper body, face and chest orange, two threatening nearly gray. Black male with a narrow entry-shaped pattern around the bust orange spots. Color than the male but the female seems bleak. Juvenile birds, brown, with scaly markings.

Iris - brown; mouth - black; feet - pink.
Call: song unique, individual access to sweet treble tremolo peen-karararararara.
Distribution: Sakhalin Island, Japan, wintering in southern China and Indochina to the local area.
Distribution: rare winter visitors, see the birds in southern China's forests and woodlands, but also for resident birds found in southern China.

Black-naped Blue Flycatcher Hypothymis Azurea:
Popular name: Black-necked Flycatcher
English name: Black-naped monarch
Body length 14 cm, the body is bright blue, the lower abdomen is white. Male and female body color slightly different. Female head, neck, back, blue on the chest, abdomen the following off-white, black on the inside base of the mouth, head scoop with a black round spots, the throat has a dark horizontal band, as if wearing a pillow everywhere, it got its name. Female body color is a light, gray-brown back, roughly, there is no black head scoop pillow, throat and no black belt, wings and tail bluish, gray-blue head and neck to the chest.

Song for the series of light up whistle, song Liaoliang. Flycatcher species in the other, is purely insectivorous birds, predatory insects players designated for air. Neck black male with its characteristic horizontal, bright sapphire-blue plumage color and the petite and lovely, the blue wizard for the forest. Small weakness of its feet, often habitat was squatting posture. Between the activities in the thick branches like, naturally lively, agile, often alone or in pairs in the forest in chase play, or playing in the water in the streams. Habitat distribution
Taiwan endemic subspecies, widely distributed in the hillside of 1600 meters above sea weed, or valley side of the bamboo forest, woods in the upper part of activities of the birds. But the summer will move up to higher elevations of the mountain summer enjoy the cool air.
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