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Title:Anti-terrorist operation game girl4 Views:10650
 Anti-terrorist operation game girl4
 1920x1200 |  10650
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"Anti-terrorist operation" game highlights:

"Counter-terrorism operations online" is colored by the Dalian Jinshan whale studio took three years to build, using the DolbyAxon3D voice technology, Unreal2 engine and other advanced technology, in 2009 China's most anticipated online games players FPS one class. Not long ago, the All-China Sports Federation and other organizations with the support of "anti-terrorism operations online" officially became the 2009 Games in China, the only designated FPS gaming class performances, game quality has been recognized authority.

"Counter-Terrorism Action Online" as the first FPS Kingsoft online games, FPS in learning many of the world-class products on the basis of merit, but also innovation and sound of each variable for men and women, revolutionary Tankedaizhan and a series of unique content. The fairness of the game in the FPS, competitive two core points, the "counter-terrorism operations online" through confrontation mode, set guns, maps, planning and other public areas, and carefully set up to one year of internal testing, has been fully met ideal state, and passed the relevant bodies of the certification, as the 2009 Games in China, the only designated FPS gaming class performances.

Mummies and other models with the subject matter is the recent hot FPS class online games. In the "counter-terrorism operations online" mummy mode, players will enter the game after 15 seconds, it will be 1-2 human players randomly mutated into Pharaoh mummy, and has a super-fast running speed, up to over a million blood and super-infection ability, once the human player is the mummy of Pharaoh Pharaoh mummy can only get half of infected blood and can infect other human players continue the game. The end of the game is completely eliminated under one camp or human players can go through the countdown to determine winning or losing the game. At the same time a large number of human players will be given to improve the properties of bullets and attacks against mummy attacks.

With world-renowned entertainment technology provider Dolby Laboratories, "counter-terrorism operations online" DolbyAxon3D international advanced speech technology, in addition to the performance of the 3D effect of the screen, the sound has become a full 3D, is a real sense All 3D games. By DolbyAxon3D voice technology, players can experience the unprecedented natural, immersive, immersive 3D audio gaming experience, such as in the game, the player even close your eyes, but also clear in the game to determine the environmental , to be truly "listening to the sound identified bit." In addition, the game developed through this technology Some of the most interesting features, such as male and female voices each change, players can use magic to change card beautify their own voice, you can also Zhuoxia by voice to change their voice, women Male voice, entering into the male world.
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Title:Anti-terrorist operation game girl4 Views:10650
Anti-terrorist operation game girl4
 1920x1200 |  10650
Title:Anti-terrorist operation game boy Views:5645
Anti-terrorist operation game boy
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Title:Anti-terrorist operation game boy2 Views:6397
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Title:Anti-terrorist operation game boy4 Views:5819
Anti-terrorist operation game boy4
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Title:Anti-terrorist operation game boy6 Views:6749
Anti-terrorist operation game boy6
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Title:Anti-terrorist operation game girl1 Views:9820
Anti-terrorist operation game girl1
 1920x1200 |  9820
Title:Anti-terrorist operation game girl2 Views:14092
Anti-terrorist operation game girl2
 1920x1200 |  14092
Title:Anti-terrorist operation game girl3 Views:9712
Anti-terrorist operation game girl3
 1920x1200 |  9712
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